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Testimonials from around the world

EquiNL Exclusive Dressage is the place you must check if you're looking for a new horse. There's a lot of really good horses (young horses to schoolmaster) and without commission 

Raquel Bailon Folch from Spain

What you see is what you get. That's something we were waiting for and is very welcome in the horse world

Dominique Filion, International Grand Prix rider and trainer from Holland

WOW!! They are making an impression

Maja Gugala from Poland

I will choose them again! Best way to find my new horse, fast, clear and lots of variety!

Carla Benito from Spain

Good portal, well presented horses and easy to contact the owners. Great personal support if needed any help 

Marketa Matouskova from Czech Republic

This is the beginning of a new era in selling horses international.

Breeder of top KWPN horses

The transparency where we all have been waiting for

Customer from The Netherlands

Finally I can show my horses to the large EquiNL netwerk without being exposed all over social media

Famous Dutch stallion owner
  • Top Schoolmasters with amazing characters waiting for you

  • The most amazing young horses with top potential

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Top Schoolmasters with amazing characters waiting for you

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The most amazing young horses with top potential

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The most beautiful (approved) stallions

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Find your friend for life

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